Best Study Resources for Competitive Exam Aspirants

Best Study Resources for Competitive Exam Aspirants

A proper preparation strategy is essential for acing Competitive Exams. You will also need the correct study materials to complement your hard work.


A proper preparation strategy is essential for acing Competitive Exams. You will also need the correct study materials to complement your hard work.

Sticking to the primary textbooks won’t be sufficient during competitive exam preparation. Your study resources must include live classes, mock tests, and reference books. Online coaching and video courses are also effective for those preferring visual learning.

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Previous Years’ Question Papers

Previous years’ questions are one of the most informative resources in competitive exam preparation. Including these papers in your study plan will give you fundamental knowledge about the exam.

Moreover, you will understand the type of questions, exam pattern, and difficulty levels of various sections. Practicing the previous years' question papers will help you understand each topic’s weight and identify the most repeated questions. You can focus more on them to improve your scores.

Overcome Anxiety & Stress to Win the Race
Exam time is naturally a stressful situation. Expectation to recall extensive information is compounded by intense competition, the pressure of expectations from family/friends, and the overwhelming importance of top grades. All these combine to increase the stress on students during exams.

Websites for Competitive Exam Preparation

When you prepare for competitive exams, online blogs are excellent resources. There are a plethora of websites for competitive exam preparation that offers information about the syllabus and test pattern.

Along with your study material for the competitive exam, articles will offer comprehensive information in an easily understandable format.

Blog posts provide detailed information, be it UPSC, TSPSC, Railways, or banking exam preparation. These include exam tips, FAQs, Popular topics, and ways to clear a particular paper.

You can also stay updated about exam notices, admit card issuance news, and exam forms. For instance, ACE is among the most reliable websites for competitive exam preparation. Check out the platform for information about GATE, ESE, PSCs, Banking, SSC, and other Competitive Exams.

SSC CHSL Typing Exam: How to Crack the Skill Test?
The exam is divided into Tier-I and Tier II, with four parts in Tier-I and two sessions in Tier II. In the Session II of Tier II, Section III, Module II, candidates must appear for the SSC CHSL Typing Test.

Online Coaching Study Material

Online coaching centers can offer comprehensive study material for competitive exams like notes, online practice tests, quizzes, and informative blog posts.

Platforms like ACE offer exam-specific courses, study material, Online test series, and online live classes. Enrolling in such online coaching sites will give you an edge over other candidates.

The best part? You will receive all these services and study resources in a single package. Plus, they are easily accessible and downloadable anytime.

Social Media Platforms

As social media has become the largest hub for sharing ideas, exam-related content has also become popular. So, when you're searching for the best sites for preparation for competitive exams, you need not ignore YouTube and Facebook completely. You can leverage the platforms to become an advantage rather than a distraction.

Social media can be the ultimate exam preparation tool if you prefer audio-visual learning and engaging content. Most exam videos and posts are highly informative and present information in a way that is easy to comprehend.

You can also interact with other learners and job aspirants who can help you with your competitive exam preparation.

ACE Pre-GATE 2023

Newspapers and Magazines

Besides your study material for competitive exam, reading newspapers and magazines are vital to your preparation strategy.

Most competitive exams, like the Civil Service or the Railway departments, emphasizes general knowledge. You must be aware of the latest news, including the top national and international events.

Make reading newspapers and magazines or watching the news a regular habit. You can read GK reference books to refine your knowledge. In addition, online newspapers and e-books offer a wealth of information to level up your preparation and are available with just a few clicks away on your devices.

ACE Pre - ESE Exam 2023

Competitive Exam Preparation Apps

Competitive exam apps are convenient sources of learning on the go. You can download these apps on your mobile device and access the study resources anytime. These apps offer model test papers, quizzes, MCQs, articles, and videos for exam preparation.

Some apps are free, while others charge a small fee for accessing the resources and facilities. As these apps are generally cost-effective, candidates can avail of the services easily.

These educational apps are outstanding for last-minute preparation as they possess an extensive repository of curated content you can browse through at your convenience. When you are done studying for the exam, these apps can help you revise the most important topics. Moreover, the engaging design and user experience provided by the apps make learning fun!

GATE Revision Series 2023

The Bottom Line

Whether you refer to the best sites for preparation for competitive exams or choose offline coaching, learning is a continuous process. Thus, you need to study by following a schedule. It will help you get the most out of the exam resources and track your progress.

Keep an eye out for the most important topics and questions by going through as many resources as possible. Ensure to back your study sessions up with ample revision time and relaxing activities. With these resources, you can ace your competitive exam preparation and reap the best results!

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