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Online Test Series: Why They are a Must for Your GATE/ESE Preparation

Online Test Series makes your GATE/ESE preparation wholesome. It perfects your preparation strategy, improves your time management skills, helps you learn new concepts, boosts your confidence and the list is long. Here is why OTS is a MUST for getting a good rank in the GATE or ESE exam.

Tanisha Chouhan

“I solved more than 50 tests and numerous previous year question papers during the preparation. It helped me manage time effectively and select questions wisely during the mains exam”, says Shashank Gaur, who secured AIR 1st rank in ESE-Electrical Engineering, 2020. [Click here to watch the interview.]

It is not just one person’s experience, but every candidate who earns a top rank is thankful to the sample tests they have attended during the preparation. Practising tests always pays off, and it is the best thing you can do if you are seriously preparing for GATE or ESE.

Students who purchase the ACE Online course can access the OTS for free. Once they log in to the app, they will be able to claim their OTS by entering the registered email ID and password. Suppose if you have purchased a GATE course and you want to practice ESE OTS along with it, you can always purchase it separately from the ACE Academy website.

While attending tests series, you are competing against hundreds of students who prepare along with you. This gives the real sense of competition, and you will be compelled to fire up your preparation to keep ahead.

The test series are developed akin to the actual exam in every aspect. However, students should not be over-excited if they get high scores in these tests as it can make you overconfident and thereby reckless. You should never forget that it is just a simulated exam to help you optimize your preparation and boost your overall performance. You should always try to achieve better scores until you become the winner. Here are the reasons why tests are a must in your GATE/ESE preparation.

Benefits of Online Test Series

Online Test Series: Why They are a Must for Your GATE/ESE Preparation

1.Feel of the Actual Exam

Online Test Series gives a real-time experience similar to that of the actual GATE/ESE exam. All the tests in the OTS are made identical to the real exam. So, students who attend the test series would realize the seriousness and importance of the exam. This makes them more focused and competitive in their preparation.

ACE Online's OTS has hundreds of tests on different topics made by the expert faculty of ACE Engineering Academy. By incorporating these tests into your study plan on a regular basis, you will be at your best by the time of the real exam.

2. Familiarize with the Exam Pattern & Mode

GATE is a computer-based exam and it may not be easy for everyone to handle the computer-delivered exam. For instance, some students might be scared of using a virtual calculator during the test. Some students might find it challenging to choose the correct answer from the options on the screen. OTS is the one-stop solution for all these concerns. You will be super comfortable and relaxed on the exam day if you have a thorough understanding of the exam.  If you practice enough tests at regular intervals, you will get familiar with the exam pattern and its mode.

3. Self-assessment

These tests allow you to evaluate yourself. You can regularly assess your knowledge, progress and performance through OTS in a standard way. Since you are tested against hundreds of worthy candidates, it is easy to know your comparative performance. Regular self-evaluation helps you identify your weak points and to revise your preparation strategy accordingly. You will learn several answering techniques to answer different types of questions in the exam. You should keep doing tests and get instant feedback/doubt clearing support from the faculty. Tests make you look into yourself and realize your potential.

4. Time Management Skills

It is pretty clear, isn’t it? Practising tests has numerous benefits and enhancing time management skills is one among them. Taking online tests help you manage your time during the exam skillfully. Practice tests provide you with a clear picture of your weak and strong areas in the subject. This, in turn, helps you optimize your preparation strategy. You can identify the mistakes and rectify them on time.

In the case of ESE, you must focus on your writing skill as well. By regularly attending the OTS, you will be able to write better answers during the conventional paper. You will find a better version of yourself after every sample test you take. Studying is not enough. Regular practice and a follow-up evaluation are necessary for getting a top score in GATE and ESE. The success combo of your preparation strategy should be - Studying+Revision+Test. If you miss any of these three factors, it can cost you a good rank.

5. Improves Confidence

Who doesn’t want to face a national-level exam with self-confidence and positive energy? Regular practice of Online Test Series will skyrocket your confidence level. The only thing is, you must make sure that you take them seriously and be well-prepared before each test.

We hope that you understand why you should never ignore OTS during your GATE/ESE preparation. Take a reasonable number of tests every week and see how much you have retained from the past week’s preparation. This way, You are learning and not just listening to the classes and reading the materials. You are ensuring that you are here to crack the exam with a brilliant rank. Make ACE Online OTS an essential part of your study routine to ensure that your future is not-so-routine.

Start chasing your GATE/ESE dreams now!