English for Interviews! Ways to Master the Language

English for Interviews! Ways to Master the Language

On the whole aspiring candidates are losing opportunities because of a lack of knowledge in English!! In this aspect, here's a special article on the importance of the English language and ways to master that language.


The English Language became a main Communication Skill whether in Job Market, in Competitive Exams, or in Study Abroad, Everywhere you look English language skills are becoming important. Especially in a job interview, English communication skills are being stressed by companies! Proficiency in this English language gives you a chance to stand ahead in the competitive world! On the whole aspiring candidates are losing opportunities because of a lack of knowledge in English!! In this aspect, here's a special article on the importance of the English language and ways to master that language.

English communication skills are essential in the job market From sales executives to CEOs. English also contributes to success in competitive exams with proven written and spoken English skills. Even though students with academic knowledge, lack communication skills in English, many of them are missing out on valuable opportunities. Experts say that if such students master English, they can stand at the Top of the job market.

GATE Rank Predictor
GATE Rank Predictor

According to many reports, it is only 20 to 25 percent of people have job-ready skills if we look at the current corporate sector and employability skills. There is an opinion that if you acquire English skills, you will get better opportunities abroad. To excel in soft skills, people skills, business skills English communication skills are a must. Especially in MNCs, English communication skills are the main bridge between the client and the organization. As a result, English proficiency has become essential for sales, marketing executives, BPOs, and call center employees. English skills are more important for a higher level.

Mainly these four areas are important in English language skills.

Speaking: Choose a topic of your choice and speak. In the beginning, this is very essential.

Reading: Reading a topic thoroughly. Identifying its core meaning and word usage in it.

Listening: Listen attentively to what others are saying or to discussions in the media. As a result, you know what they are talking about.

Writing: The last step is to get used to writing what you have read and heard on your own. There is one section in the competitive Exams on writing.

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At present, proficiency in English is mandatory for admission to universities in countries like America, Britain, and Australia. It is known that tests like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and Cambridge English Assessment are being conducted in order to identify the English language skills of the students. These tests consist of written, spoken, listening, and writing sections. Only if you show talent in these, you will get admission to top institutes internationally. English proficiency has become very important to succeed in the written exams conducted for government jobs. Almost all competitive exams have a section called English Comprehension. If you master written English, there is a chance to score good marks in reading comprehension and verbal ability.

Spoken skills

Although many people are good at English writing, they are struggling when it comes to speaking. In today's competitive world, besides writing, spoken English is also important. Spoken English skills can be improved with a few tips. For that first select any topic. Read already published articles and news related to the topic. The vocabulary and sentence structure used in it should be examined completely. Its essence should be known roughly. After completing these four steps, write the topic in the form of points in a suitable manner. These should be discussed with friends and family members first. Are we able to communicate properly in spoken English? Or? It should be noted that this is the main.

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Group Discussions

It can be said that group discussions can be used as a good tool to improve spoken English skills. In the first stage, these group discussions should be started with friends. As a result, you will know how those who spoke better than you are communicating in the discussion. Apart from this, participation in debates is also beneficial. A public speaking phobia can also be solved by participating in debates.


Dictionaries are the most useful tools for learning English in the beginning. Besides giving the meaning of a word in dictionaries like Oxford and Cambridge, in which context is the word used and how to spell that word.  Moreover.. synonyms and antonyms are also found for these words.


Very Important Vocabulary mastery is essential in terms of spoken English proficiency. At least ten new words every day - learn their meanings and note the situations in which they can be used.

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Basic Grammar

In order to master English understanding basic grammar is crucial. Special attention should be paid mainly to tenses, direct-indirect speech, and active voice-passive voice. The result is a fine skill in communicating a subject.

Asking questions in English is easy! There are many ways to improve skills Currently, there are many ways to practice English language skills. At the academic level, special training centers are being formed under the name of finishing schools or English language clubs within colleges and universities. Take advantage of this opportunity.

In addition to these, famous organizations like British Council and Cambridge India are providing step-by-step training regarding English language skills from the learner stage. The training facility of these is also available online. Besides, a certificate is also given if they pass the examination conducted after the completion of the training period. Websites for details: https://www.britishcouncil.in/english, https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/

According to many reports and surveys, there is a problem with the English communication skill gap in 60 percent of people. English proficiency is the first step to excelling in soft skills. Mastery of English is the way to get better opportunities. According to the report of the British Council - those with English skills are also getting higher wages compared to others. English proficiency is becoming a mandatory skill in organizations from the security department to senior executives. To overcome this, one should actively participate in cultural clubs and group discussions at the college level. It is natural to make mistakes at first. If you analyze the mistakes and move forward, you can acquire English skills.

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