Tips and Guidance to Crack ESE Interview 2022 

Tips and Guidance to Crack ESE Interview 2022

For those who have qualified for the written examinations for the ESE/IES recruitment, the interview process is the next big hurdle. It is a crucial stage in getting selected for respected positions.

Tejanand Rompicherla

The Indian Engineering Services (ESE/IES) is one of the most sought-after careers for Indian engineering students. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the examination every year for recruiting engineers in four major disciplines for various technical posts:

However, this is a difficult exam, equivalent to one of the toughest examinations in India. The ESE exam comprises two stages of written examination followed by an interview.

Due to the availability of fewer posts, the selection process is highly competitive. Hence, the ESE interview is not going to be easy either. The high respect and status IES officers enjoy make the technical posts lucrative. So, to become a suitable candidate for a career in public service, you must qualify at every stage of selection.

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Here is all the information you need to know to prepare well and crack the ESE interview in 2022!

Note: The UPSC ESE exam is open to both national and international candidates. Other than Indian citizens, Nepal and Bhutan citizens and Tibetan refugees, who migrated to India on 1st January 1962, are also eligible.

UPSC ESE Interview Date

For those who have qualified for the written examinations for the ESE/IES recruitment, the interview process is the next big hurdle. It is a crucial stage in getting selected for respected positions.

Recently, UPSC announced the names of the candidates who have qualified for the Engineering Services Examination Mains 2022, conducted on 26th June 2022. The Commission also asked the candidates to fill out the Detailed Application Form (DAF) from 5th and 17th August which is available in

These candidates are offered a provisional candidature to appear for the interview/personality test. However, the exact UPSC ESE interview date is yet to be declared.

There is no need to worry; qualified candidates will be intimated via an e-summon letter.

Note: The interview schedule will also be made available on the Commission’s website according to the roll numbers of the candidates. So, it is advised to keep an eye on the updates regularly.

How to Prepare for ESE Interview?

Qualifying for the ESE 2022 prelims and Mains is a big deal, but it is not the time to celebrate yet!

Remember that the marks obtained in the qualifying round will be added to the ones in stage I and II written examinations (2022 prelims and mains). This will be the final score of the candidate. So, the ESE interview round will affect your overall score.

Note: The number of candidates called for the interview may be twice the number of vacancies. Therefore, preparing for the test is mandatory.

To help you out, here are a few tips for the ESE interview in 2022.

Brush up on Current Affairs

Of course, if you have qualified for the written tests in ESE 2022 prelims and Mains, you have knowledge of the different subjects. However, getting a good grip on current affairs is essential for the ESE interview. Even if you do not have an interest in current affairs, this is the time to develop it, as it will be helpful.

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Candidates are advised to read the leading newspapers daily and thoroughly since this is the most tried and tested method by many UPSC ESE toppers of previous years. You can also go through blogs related to current affairs and read quiz books to sharpen your knowledge.

Develop in-depth knowledge of the subjects in college

Candidates must also have an excellent understanding of the subjects taught in their respective streams in college. Engineering students usually participate in various college projects. Any experience and knowledge gathered from these events will be helpful during the ESE interview round. The interviewer will ask questions from these areas to understand the candidate’s grasp of the core subjects.

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To prepare for this step, you can focus on two or more technical subjects and study their theoretical and practical applications well.

Make An Excellent First Impression

We have all heard the famous phrase, “the first impression is the last impression.” This applies to any job interview, not just the ESE interview. Apart from your knowledge base, the interviewer will also check your personality through the ESE interview round. Therefore, you must do your best to make an excellent first impression.

Dress up in formals and avoid bright colors, like red. Men can wear a formal shirt tucked in with formal trousers. Female candidates can wear dress pants with button-down shirts or cotton churidar.

Get a good haircut, trim your beards, and keep your nails trimmed to appear neat. You must also sit straight and maintain a confident posture during the interview.

Avoid The Tricky Questions Intelligently

No matter how well you study, there will be tricky questions by the interviewer that you may not be able to answer. It is recommended to avoid such questions by taking a tactical approach. But you must be very careful when doing this, as you cannot afford to leave a negative impression on the interviewer.

Avoid Lying At All Cost

The final thing to remember during the ESE interview is to never lie to the UPSC interviewer at any cost. If you do not know the answer to a question, you can admit your lack of knowledge and apologize. Attempting to come up with a response to an unknown question will result in a wrong impression.

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Seek the Help of an ESE Interview Guidance Programme

As passing the ESE interview is tough, candidates may need the help of an interview guidance program.

Such a program can help with all the tips in HR and technical fields required to crack the interview round. Usually, the interview guidance program consists of:

  • Informal interaction sessions
  • Technical sessions
  • Test series on current affairs
  • Mock interviews

All of these are intended to prepare candidates for possible and unpredictable situations during the interview. You may not even face similar questions during the actual interview, but the mock sessions will build the mindset to handle them with flair.


It is not essential to avail of the assistance of an interview guidance program for your ESE interview preparation. You can do it yourself at home by following the tips mentioned above.

However, seeking the help of professionals who have been helping candidates for years can definitely give you a competitive edge.

You cannot make any mistakes during the UPSC ESE interview. After all, it is the final step to fulfilling your dream of selecting for the Engineering Services Exam 2022.

Hopefully, with all this information, you can prepare for the ESE interview well in advance. Keep yourself updated on the subjects and revise regularly. Moreover, practice your appearance and posture. Check the Commission’s official website from time to time for the updated interview schedule.

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