GATE Exam 2023 Two Months Preparation Plan

GATE Exam 2023 Two Months Preparation Plan

Every year Lakhs of students across the country appear for the GATE exam, and the opportunities and vacancies are very less for the students who applied


In Top PSUs recruitment, 50-80 percent weightage will be given to the GATE score as per the rules of the respective PSUs. GATE is a good choice, especially for engineering students who aspire for a job with a good salary, incentives, stable life after B.Tech. This exam is conducted every year in the first and second week of February. The GATE exam is like a gateway to higher opportunities.

Every year Lakhs of students across the country appear for the GATE exam, and the opportunities and vacancies are very less for the students who applied. So, the GATE exam will be tough accordingly. Therefore, only 15-19 percent pass every year. The competition will be fierce as there is no way to get better opportunities even if you pass and get top rank.

Once we look at the question pattern, there are different sections as per the requirements of the concerned branch. Depending on the paper, there will be questions on Aptitude, Mathematics, and the subject chosen by the candidate. The candidate's chosen subject carries more marks as compared to other sections. Some of the questions will be objective type, while others will be numerical (Numericals Answer Type). That is, the answer to the question asked should be calculated and the correct answer should be entered in the space provided on the screen in the form of numbers.

A large number of students fail to succeed in this exam due to frequent mistakes and Less time for exams. The GATE 2023 Exam has 2 months left. Referring to these, we’ve mentioned their Two monthly preparation plan here.

GATE 2023 Notification is released! Check here
GATE Exam 2023 is scheduled for the February of next year at National Level. It will test the comprehensive knowledge of Students. Students who are planning to take the exam can start their GATE 2023 Exam preparation now with the help of Online Classes.


The GATE exam is conducted by IITs. Every year one IIT takes over the administrative responsibilities. A specific syllabus for various subjects will be given when the notification is given in September. This syllabus needs to be followed completely. Every topic should be read thoroughly and analytically. A deep understanding of all things should be established. The question can come from any source. A mistake made by many students is that they read well the chapter which is easy for them, ignore the difficult chapter, and leave it as one or two marks are lost. If we come up with a difficult question on a well-studied topic and are unable to answer it, both will suffer. Even difficult topics can be made easier by practice or at least learning the basics of that topic can overcome the problem to some extent.

Selection of Books

Students should definitely read standard books on various topics in their chosen subject. All the pictures, graphs, and important formulas in them should be analyzed. All important points should be clearly written in a book. It is better if you look at it often so as not to forget what is read. All-in-ones and guides studied for semester exams in B.Tech will not work here. It will be very useful for toppers to know the books they have read and the material they have followed.

GATE 2023 Exam Schedule is Released
Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) has released the Engineering Graduate Aptitude Test 2023 (GATE 2023) schedule.


Don't forget to practice the previous year's exam papers. First of all, by reading a topic and solving the questions given so far on that topic, we can understand whether we are going in the right direction or not. When we get answers to each and every question, our self-confidence also increases. We can understand where we are doing wrong and correct it.

Time Management in Exam

Many candidates say that time is not enough, some questions are difficult and they spend too much time and waste time on other questions. There are times when even those who studied well lamented the lack of time after leaving the exam hall. There is only one solution to this if any question is taking too long, if the question is confusing and boring, leave it at that time. Don't get confused. In the end, when there is time left, you can think again calmly. If not, it is better to leave it completely. Otherwise, it will affect the rest of the questions.

Check Here for Complete IIT Kanpur GATE Exam Analysis
ATE 2022 Exam conducting body is IIT Kanpur which is known for moderate to difficult levels of the exam when compared to other IITs. It is increasing every year by about 10% and in 2021 there are 8.5 lakh appeared for the exam.

Time Management in Preparation

While preparing for the exam, practice punctually by spending three hours in a full exam environment, honestly attempting previous year's papers, and as many mock tests as possible. There is no pressure on the exam. Plan which section to attempt at which time and maximum time to be allotted to a question. During the exam, our thoughts should be fixed till the last minute.

Negative Marking

This is a very important and Rank Deciding factor. It should be remembered that negative marking is -0.33 for one mark question and -0.66 for two mark question for a wrong answer and even a single mark loss can result in a drop in the rank by thousands or hundreds. The main purpose of some questions is to waste the candidate's time and make the candidate give the wrong answer. For example in Aptitude, there is a question to give a half-page essay and find the answer to it. Actually, the answer to that question is very easy but reading half a page paragraph wastes valuable time.

In some cases, even if we get the right answer, any word in the question will cause us to give the wrong answer. Especially for objective questions, all the options seem to be the correct answer. From these, the best answer must be carefully determined. Otherwise, there is a risk of falling into the trap of negative marks.

5 Last-Minute Preparation Tips for GATE 2023 Exam
To keep your mind healthy and stay put with the preparations for the exam, we have jotted a few tips and tricks to help you with your exams.


Make sure that all scales are in the same units while doing numerical questions. Finally, the answer should be seen in which units are asked and converted into that and written the answer. For example, if our answer comes in volts and the question asks for the answer in millivolts, it will be wrong if we write the answer in volts without checking. All the hard work will be wasted. Another thing, our answer should always be within the range of the gate output answer. Even if our answer is 15.99 and the gate release is in the range of 16-18, the computer will consider it as the wrong answer. Sometimes choosing one option may lead to choosing another option. This should also be noted. We have to check our answers two or three times.


Many students prefer coaching for the GATE exam. It is a better option to take the benefit of learning the lessons, taking notes, Learning tricks, and shortcuts, and writing practice tests to do it faster. There are many ways of taking GATE Coaching Online and Offline. We can achieve good results only if our efforts are combined, Opting for Good Coaching like ACE GATE Coaching and reading classes that told on coaching is beneficial.

No matter how much we study, the result depends on the performance of our brain in those three hours. You have to think out of the box. Even if some questions are difficult, one should take full advantage of the time without any other thoughts in a fixed mind without worrying, and without giving up hope.

How to Efficiently Prepare for GATE Exam Along with College Studies
With the latest changes made in the GATE eligibility criteria, even third-year students can write the GATE exam. However, it is a challenging task to manage GATE preparation along with your B.Tech/college studies. Read on for tips to efficiently prepare for GATE along with your studies.

Sometimes the whole paper can be difficult. Then there is a lot of anxiety. Don't get impatient and answer only the questions that are good to you and solve the rest only when there is time in the end. Answers to questions that do not come should not be given at all.

A paper that is difficult for you will be difficult for everyone. The cutoff will be determined by the marks of the remaining candidates. Cutoff may be lower when the paper is difficult. The cutoff is higher in the easy paper. Some people make small mistakes even on easy paper and there is a risk of losing their rank so they should write the answer carefully. It should be remembered that once the opportunity is missed, it will not come again for another year. Remember this point while preparing for the GATE 2023 Exam. In this highly prestigious exam, mastery over the subject, constant practice, speed, and accuracy can be the key to success in this exam.

We hope this article helps you find your strategy for GATE success. Stay tuned to read more such informative blogs to ace your preparation and post-exam life. Happy learning!

Prepare well and set your mind free from stress because hard work alone gives you a cut to it. So, Keep your mind calm and prepare smartly.

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