Important Tips to Crack the Bank Exams: Preparation Strategies

Important Tips to Crack Bank Exams: Preparation Strategies

Bank exams are among the most sought-after government job opportunities. These exams offer a chance to secure a well-paying job with job security and benefits.

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Bank exams are among the most sought-after government job opportunities. These exams offer a chance to secure a well-paying job with job security and benefits. With the increasing competition and limited vacancies, cracking these exams is not an easy task. As a result, aspirants across the country spend countless hours preparing for these exams with the goal of securing a job in the banking sector. The banking industry offers various job opportunities in various roles such as Clerks, Probationary Officers, Specialist Officers, and Managers. With the right preparation and strategy, aspirants can increase their chances of success in these exams and achieve their dream of securing a job in the banking industry.

Bank Exams Preparation Strategy

Everyone prepares in the same way then. Why are only a few winners? .what matters here is people who are serious and decide and prepare wisely, so success will come to them. That's why you should study the syllabus before appearing for any exam. Study the syllabus so that everything can be memorized. Prepare as much preparation plan as possible to complete it on time.

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There is no special syllabus for bank exams. There will be some important topics. They must be read and practiced. Divide the topics according to weightage and how much priority should be given to which topic? It should be assessed what to practice most. After understanding all the topics thoroughly the questions should be practiced at different levels (hard to easy levels). Also, see which topics have asked more questions in the last five years. Accordingly, the exam preparation should be started.

Bank Exams Syllabus & Expected Questions

In Bank Exams the major topics are Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and English. There are a certain number of questions from each topic are sorted based on the last three years' papers.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Simplifications (10-15 Q’s)
  • Approximate Values ​​(no questions in 2020)
  • Quadratic Equations (5 Q’s),
  • Quantity Comparison (Q1, Q2) (no questions)
  • Number Series (3-5 Q’s)
  • Data Interpretation (10 Q’s)
  • Arithmetic (10-12 Q’s)


  • Seating Arrangement (18-20 Q’s)
  • Puzzles (No Questions)
  • Inequality (3-5 Q’s)
  • Coded Inequality
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Alpha Numeric Series (5 Q’s)
  • Blood Relations (2 Q’s)
  • Directions (3 Q’s)
  • Syllogism (2 -3 Q’s)
  • Logical Reasoning ( No Questions)
  • Input-Output ( No Questions)
  • Eligibility Test ( No Questions)
  • Cause Effect ( No Questions)
  • Data Sufficiency ( No Questions)
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  • Reading Comprehension (8-12 Q’s)
  • Vocabulary (2 Q’s)
  • Close Test (5-7 Q’s)
  • Error Detection (4-7 Q’s)
  • Re-arrangement of Sentences (4-5 Q’s)
  • Sentence Improvement (5 Q’s)
  • Word Re- Arrangement/ Word Usage (5-7 Q’s)
  • Phrase Replacement (5-6 Q’s), Fillers (5 Q’s)
  • Wrong Spelling (4-5 Q’s).

The English section will be very easy if one can aware of grammar well. To gain knowledge in General Awareness Read daily newspapers and prepare notes regarding general awareness. Keep up-to-date with current affairs like International, National, Science And Technology, Sports, News Personalities, Recent Appointments, Awards, Conferences, and Meetings. Also, the self-made notes should be compared with the current affairs and general awareness books available in the market on a monthly basis. Practice should always start from the topics that get the highest marks. Give them more time. Although there were no previous year questions from some of the topics given above, it is possible that questions will be asked from them as well. Also must read as the mains will have questions from them.

Computer Awareness

This question paper is of 20 marks. For this one should have basic general computer knowledge, basic knowledge of software, hardware, DBMS, Microsoft Office, input, output devices, networking, internet.

Speed ​​is the most important factor for achieving success in bank exams. Although the questions are objective in nature. Especially in the Quantitative Aptitude section, to find the answer to the mathematical questions, you have to solve a specific problem stepwise. Similarly to answer the passage-based questions in the General English section is fast reading; identifying keywords; While reading the question asked under the passage, one should acquire skills like remembering where the answer is in the passage.

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The main solution to all these is continuous practice. While studying a topic one should examine the previous questions related to it. Besides, after completing each chapter, you have to write a self-test with a self-time limit. In the first step, familiar questions should be answered. Find out how long they were completed. Don't stop there and start answering unknown questions. Like. How many questions were you able to answer continuously after completing the self-test in two stages? How many questions have errors occurred? That should be analyzed. Are unanswered questions important from the point of view of the exam? isn't it That should be examined. For this, the question papers of the last four years should be analyzed scientifically.

Time Management Skills

Timing is key: Time management should be practiced to read every subject daily. Some time should be reserved for revision of the material read. Candidates who have already written many bank exams should observe the marks they got in them and what they are lagging behind in and focus more on those topics. Two weeks before the exam should be reserved for revision. Attend at least 10 Mock Tests to know the paper pattern and the time it should take for each section to increase your preparation.

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