The Impact of Positive Thinking in a Competitive World

The Impact of Positive Thinking in a Competitive World

An optimistic attitude is a practice of focusing on the good in any given situation. It can have a big impact on the competitive world.


No student can study calmly in a turbulent state of mind and cannot write the exams successfully. To deal with this situation first we need to remove these negative words from the mind. Then the seeds of positive feelings should start growing. if we keep doing what we always do, we always get the same result. In order to achieve a new and beneficial result, the procedure must be new. It is not possible without changing the existing ideas. For that, we have to reprogram by removing all the things that we have accumulated since childhood that are not useful to us at all.

We have to sort out all the negative things that we have accumulated in our brains over the years. In fact, they all combined to form one big pile of garbage. Now push out the trash and accumulate positive feelings. Now you are ready to remove this eternally accumulated garbage. Turn the second page in your Mindpower notebook and plant the seed of positive thinking.

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If your conviction is that you cannot write well in exams, that negative attitude will affect you when you sit in the exam hall. As a result, you will experience disturbances such as anxiety, nervousness, and sweating.

Similarly, many other negative thoughts you have about yourself can make your behavior not only limited but also disordered. To get out of this you must first understand it thoroughly and develop awareness.

Do you have so many useless thoughts in mind? It will become clear to you that these negative thoughts are what made you like the bacteria in your internal body. These will kill your confidence and become the main reason for your marks to drop.

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How to deal with Negative Thinking?

As the Sicilian proverb says, nothing deceives us more than our thoughts, which proves to be literally true when it comes to the worst things in our minds. To remove this take a piece of paper and Write down the things related to your goals in a pattern such as I will make a maximum effort. Now put that paper aside and take the crystal ball. Take each positive thing and develop your imagination. For example, think clearly to yourself that you will speak eloquently after climbing the dais.

Visualize yourself eloquently lecturing with a crystal ball in hand. Notice the elements, patterns, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements that are vivid to you in your imagination. Write them, in order on the back side of the paper. This means that the positive output you get is a result of the input you give to your mind or the new positive action that takes place in your behavior.
This technique can be used well not only to achieve success in studies but also to achieve success in any field like career, and competitive exams.  All you need to do is first clearly categorize what aspects you want to change. Then separate things should be clearly divided. Positive suggestions should be made for each topic. These are called the assurance you are giving to yourself.

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Preparing for competitive exams can put you under a lot of stress as they are one of the most important exams in a decide your career.

Prepare well and set your mind free from stress because hard work alone gives you a cut to it. So, Keep your mind calm and prepare smartly.

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