TSPSC AE Exam 2022 Electrical Engineering Syllabus

TSPSC AE Exam 2022 Electrical Engineering Syllabus

Telangana State Public Service Commission has released the Notification to hire 833 Assistant Engineer posts. Get an idea of the complete syllabus before starting your preparation. Go through this article to get a complete idea of the Mechanical Engineering syllabus.


Telangana State Public Service Commission has released the Notification to hire 833 Assistant Engineer posts. Get an idea of the complete syllabus before starting your preparation. Go through this article to get a complete idea of the Mechanical Engineering syllabus.

  1. Basic Electrical Engineering & Batteries

Basics of Electrical Engineering – Ohms law _ Laws of resistance – Resistances in series & parallel – Work, Power, Energy – Heating effects of Electric current – Magnetic Effects of Electric current – Electromagnetic induction – Electrostatics – conducting, Insulating, Semiconductor materials – Special purpose materials – Basics of Batteries – construction, working principle, Efficiency, charging methods, Applications of batteries.

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2. Electrical Circuits

D.C.Circuits, Network Theorems with reference to D.C., A.C. Circuits and fundamentals of A.C – Series circuits, Parallel circuits, resonance Q-factor, Polyphase circuits, Relation between phase value and line value in star and delta circuits, measurement of 3-phase Power with 2-watt meter method.

3. DC Machines

Basics of D.C.Generators – Theory, Construction, working, Classification, EMF Equation, Losses & Efficiency, Armature Reaction, Commutation, Characteristics, Parallel operation & Applications of D.C Generators – Basics of D.C Motors – Theory, Construction, Working, Classification, Back EMF, Torque, Characteristics, Applications, Speed control of DC Motors – Starters for D.C Motors – Testing of DC Motors

4. Measuring Instruments

Basic measuring instruments – Theory, Construction, Working, Errors, Advantages, Disadvantages & Applications, of M.C, M.I, Dynamometer & Induction meters, single phase, and three phase Energy Meters, PF Meter, Weston frequency meter, Weston Synchroscope, Trivector meter. Measurement of resistance – Potentiometers – Various types of Transducers and Sensors –Various types of Electronic & digital measuring instruments.

5. Ac Machines

Transformers: Principle, construction working, classifications, EMF Equations, theory of transformers, Equivalent circuit, regulation, losses, efficiency, All-day efficiency testing – Auto transformer – 3-phase transformers – Instrument transformers – parallel operation; Alternator – Principle, construction, working, EMF Equation, Armature reaction, voltage regulations, testing parallel operation, load sharing; 3-phase Synchronous Motors – Construction, working, effect of excitation, V curve, inverted V curve, hunting, methods of starting, Speed variation methods, applications; 3-phase induction Motor-construction, working, types, Slip, torque, torque-slip curves, Equivalent circuit, power stages, testing, circle diagrams, starters, speed control and applications; 1-phase Induction Motors – Construction, Principle of working and applications of split phase, capacitors start, capacitors start & run, shaded pole, Commutator motors – Construction working, speed control and applications of A.C Series motor, universal motor, stepper motors, permanent magnet brushless motors.

6. Electronics Engineering

Basic semiconductor devices and their characteristics – power supplies – amplifiers – oscillators – CRO – IC Timers – special devices; Number systems – Basic logic gates – Boolean algebra – adders – subtractors – A/D, D/A converters – Flip Flops – Registers – counters & memories; Architecture of 8051 microcontroller – instruction set – programming concepts

TSPSC AE Civil Engineering Exam Syllabus 2022
Telangana State Public Service Commission has released the Notification to hire 833 Assistant Engineer posts.

7. Power Systems

Conventional & Non-Conventional Energy sources. Construction, working, maintenance & suitability of thermal, hydro, and nuclear power stations – Energy auditing – Gas power station - principle & working, combined operation & Economics of power stations; Switch Gear – Theory of electric are and its quenching – circuit breakers – reactors and short circuit KVA calculations. Relays – over current, directional, impedance, and distance relays; Protection of alternators & transformers. Transmission lines – short, medium transmission lines and various calculations- Regulation, charging currents – Ferranti effect, corona – hot line techniques; HVDC Transmission- Basic components and advantages; Line Structures – Sag calculations- insulators – string voltage, efficiency and guarding; Substations-Classification-equipment, layout and earthing of 132/11KV&33/11 kV substations; Distribution System: Feeders-distributors – service mains-voltage drop calculations. Protection of transmission lines ad feeder – lightning arresters-neutral grounding.

8. Electrical Installation & Estimation

Estimation of lighting & power loads – OH Lines & Earthing, departmental tests, REC & Electrical act-2013, Maintenance of electrical machines

9. Utilisation & Traction

Principle of lighting – types of lamps – construction & Working – laws of illumination – illumination calculation. Heating, Welding; Electric drives – Load curves – motors for different applications; Electric braking for D.C& A.C motors. Electric traction – Speed time curves – Co-efficient of adhesion – overhead equipment – supply system.

10. Power Electronics

Basics of power electronic devices - Construction, Working, theory, Characteristic, Advantages, Disadvantages, Applications & mechanism of protection of SCR, TRIAC, DIAC, GTO, UJT, IGBT, converters, inverters, AC regulators, Choppers, Cycloconverters – Speed control of AC& DC Motors using Power electronic devices – Applications of power electronic devices

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