TSPSC Group 1 Paper IV -Telangana Movement and State Formation

The biggest recruitment drive in the TSPSC groups consists of prelims, six main written exams papers. The Group 1, will test your determination as an aspiring government job candidate.

TSPSC Group 1 Telangana Movement and State Formation Paper

The biggest recruitment drive in the TSPSC groups consists of prelims, six main written exams papers, and an interview. The Group 1, will test your determination as an aspiring government job candidate. Hence, knowing the syllabus of each paper is vital for proper planning. Being a state-level recruitment exam, there is a dedicated 150 marks paper on Telangana in this group.

This paper is the last exam to qualify for the main interview. ‘Telangana Movement and State Formation,’ this test will test knowledge of various state-level related topics. Hence, it is important to know the syllabus and other details related to this paper. This blog aims to simplify your preparation.

TSPSC Group IV Paper IV

You do not need to spend time on analytical study to prepare for this exam. Focus on the topics under each section and read from relevant sources. This table gives information on the main content you can expect in paper number six.




Idea of Telangana

  • As the name suggests, this section primarily focuses on the history, formation, and details of the Telangana agitation. The syllabus contains chapters like formation of Andhra Pradesh, Formation of Telangana Praja Samithi, Violation of Employment and Service Rules, and Course of Movement, etc.


Mobilizational phase

  • This intermediate section will captivate your attention toward the active phase of the Telangana movement. In fact, studying these chapters is an interesting way to connect with the state's history.

  • Some main chapters in this section are Court Judgements on Mulki Rules, Quest for Telangana identity, Rise of Regional Parties, Liberalization and Privatization policies, etc.


Towards Formation of Telangana State

  • Finally, the last section in TSPSC Group 1 Paper VI will conclude with the legal status of Telangana. It contains topics like the Establishment of Telangana Rashtra Samithi, Cultural Revivalism in Telangana, the Parliamentary process, Political parties etc. 

You can observe that the content in this syllabus is given in an ascending order. Hence, in the process of your studies, you will get to know many things about the state of Telangana. Make sure you read and memorize all essential subtopics carefully to gain an edge in the final interview.

Reference Material for Paper

To study this paper, you can refer to books on the Telangana Movement and State Formation. These books are available in regional and English languages.

However, one can need to take advantage of online reference materials along with the books. The internet will provide up-to-date information on different topics in the syllabus. However, you can also avail services from specialized online coaching institutes.

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