TSPSC Group 3 Jobs: Paper Wise Preparation Plan & Strategy

TSPSC Group 3 Jobs: Paper Wise Preparation Plan & Strategy

Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) has released a notification for filling up a total of 1,363 Group 3 posts. Candidates can compete for these posts with a bachelor's degree.

Tejanand Rompicherla

Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) has released a notification for filling up a total of 1,363 Group 3 posts. Candidates can compete for these posts with a bachelor's degree. To get a competitive government job like Group 3, planned preparation is a must. In this regard, Group-3 Preparation Guidance to proceed with a paper-wise specific strategy!! Competition is fierce for government jobs. Group-3 is no exception. Besides, Group-1, Group-2, and Civils candidates are also likely to compete for more than 1300 posts. Therefore, candidates should prepare with a well-planned plan to succeed in this exam.

Candidates have submitted a large number of applications as job vacancies are huge. According to the applications received, it seems that an average of 116 people are competing for each job.

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TSPSC Group 3 Exam Pattern






Paper I

General Abilities and General Studies



150 Mins

Paper II

History, Polity & Society



150 Mins

Paper III

Development & Economy



150 Mins


450 Q's

450 Marks

450 Mins

The written test consists of three papers The written examination conducted for Group-3 services will be in three papers for a total of 450 marks.

Paper 1 - General Studies and General Abilities – 150 questions – will be conducted for 150 marks.

  • Paper 2 - will consist of 150 questions on History, Polity, and Society – 150 marks.
  • Paper 3 - will be conducted on Economy and Development with 150 questions – 150 marks.
  • Papers – 2, and 3 each paper will have three questions.

The paper will have 150 questions with 50 questions from each topic.

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TSPSC Group 3 Preparation Strategy

To succeed in the Group-3 exam.. candidates should proceed with a specific strategy paper-wise.

TSPSC Groups Paper 1 Preparation Tips

Paper-1: General Studies, General Abilities

Current Affairs, International Relations, and Events should be given priority. India's involvement in international developments, as well as issues likely to affect India, should be given greater priority. The events in history and the years in which they took place should be mastered. Likewise, a special understanding of the battles and situations that led to important moments in history should be developed. Know about the important movements in the history of the Indian freedom struggle. Regarding Polity.

Constitution, Preamble, Important Articles, and Amendments should be studied. Along with the basic aspects of the economy, recent economic policies, development schemes, welfare programs, beneficiaries, and objectives of the schemes should be studied. Along with the basic science aspects related to science and technology, the role of science and technology in real life, the latest developments in this field in recent times, and their benefits should be mastered. In geography, the geographically important areas, mineral resources, natural resources, riverine areas, forest types, crop-growing areas, etc. should be developed. To excel in General Ability, data analysis, tables, and graphs should be studied in such a way as to identify the main points.

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TSPSC Groups Paper 2 Preparation Tips

Paper II: History, Political Science, and Society

  • Special reading for Paper-2 on History, Polity, and Society topics. Telangana history, culture, poets, arts especially for Telangana History; Especially medieval history, Satavahanas, Kakatiyas, Qutb Shahis, Asafzahis, armed peasant struggle, etc. should be read thoroughly.
  • The Polity department.. should master the Constitution of India and the main laws. A thorough understanding of the amendments and amendments should be made. Similarly, awareness should be increased about fundamental rights, directive principles, the government system, the judicial system, and the federal system. Apart from these, constitutional bodies (eg: UPSC, Election Commission, CAG, Finance Commission, etc.) and their functions should be known. Group-3 candidates should master the Constitution as much as possible.
  • To know about the problems and policies of the government at the national and state level regarding the structure of society, problems, and public policies. The new policies designed for the development and welfare of the respective communities should be mastered.
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TSPSC Groups Paper 3 Preparation Tips

Paper III: Economy and Development

For paper-3 which is economy and development topics, you should have a thorough understanding of the economic policies of the country and the state. We should increase our grip on Telangana policies. Awareness should be raised about the new policies being implemented for the respective communities in the state. Be aware of the schemes brought for backward classes, minorities, and tribals. Regarding the national economic system, starting from the core economic aspects.. to the latest economic policies... all should be studied thoroughly. Budget statistics and economic survey statistics should be mastered.

Core to Contemporary Issues

While reading the respective syllabus topics.. related to the core topics should be read in connection with contemporary developments. From the definition to the latest developments regarding a topic, a comprehensive understanding should be developed. Similarly, decision-making ability and problem-solving skills should be developed for exam success. This gives an opportunity to gain an understanding of the objective as well as a descriptive approach. Similarly, a specific topic should be studied in a way that is applicable to real-life situations.

Own Notes

Candidates should make point-wise notes of important points related to the respective sections during preparation. Special attention should be given to local issues like religions, social classes, tribal issues, and regional issues. Similarly while studying a topic one should study it from all angles. For example, if social classes are considered.. not limited to the definition of those classes.. their history of emergence, expansion, and current conditions.. should be read. Only then will there be a complete understanding of a subject?

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Linking Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 & Group 4 Syllabus

Group-3 candidates can prepare in connection with Group-1, 2, and 4. Especially most of the Group-3 candidates are contesting for Group-2 as well. What they have in common is that the syllabus for both exams is the same. Except for the fourth paper in Group-2 all other papers are of the same type in both services. By combining these elements, it is possible to compete for Group-3 as well as Group-2 at the same time.

Materials are Important

Group-3 candidates should be careful in selecting books. Try to read standard books. After getting clear on the syllabus.. explore the books with all the topics.. start preparation through them. Preparation should be done with a special focus mainly on the phases of the Telangana movement. Read academy books and bachelor's degree-level history books.

Analytical Study

Group-3 exam will be purely objective mode.  But in the preparation candidates should do an analytical study. By reading the respective topics in a descriptive manner, you should develop a thorough understanding of the syllabus topics. Candidates should follow the time regime to study each subject every day


TSPSC Group-3 jobs offer a great career opportunity for candidates looking to work in various government departments in Telangana. To crack the exam, it is essential to prepare well, and a paper-wise approach can help candidates cover all the important topics and score high marks. A disciplined study schedule, regular practice, and staying updated with the latest news and trends can help candidates succeed in the TSPSC Group-3 Exam and achieve their career goals.

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