What to do after B. Tech - CAT or GATE?

What to do after B. Tech - CAT or GATE?

Did your B. Tech is going to be completed? And what is the aim after that.. do you want to aim for GATE Exam or are you thinking of showing your ability on CAT Exam? Can't decide which of these two to attend?

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Did your B. Tech is going to be completed?  And what is the aim after that.. do you want to aim for GATE Exam or are you thinking of showing your ability on CAT Exam? Can't decide which of these two to attend? Which one should be chosen from CAT or GATE to be useful for students who are going to complete engineering soon... Which one is better... CAT, which one is easy among the two.. which one is tougher..?

After completing a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree, students are often faced with the decision of what to do next in their academic or professional careers. Two popular options for B.Tech graduates in India are pursuing a Master's degree in management through the Common Admission Test (CAT) or pursuing a Master's degree in engineering through the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). In this article, we will discuss both options in detail to help B. Tech graduates make proper decisions about their future.

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One can join MBA with CAT Exam and M. Tech with GATE Exam. Although it is possible to appear for CAT and GATE with a B.Tech qualification, the nature of these two exams are different. Courses and Careers through these are completely different. So before choosing one of these two, candidates should make a decision by knowing completely about the nature of exams, future goals, and career opportunities. Students who cannot come to a decision personally in this matter will benefit from taking the advice of professors and seniors.


Candidates who want to join the M.Tech course after B.Tech will have to attend GATE. Those who are interested in engineering subjects and technologies will benefit from writing GATE. It takes some time to progress in terms of a career in engineering. It can be said that those who have worked hard with patience will have a stable career after their M.Tech. Fellowship is available if you get admission to Ph.D. based on UGC-NET with M. Tech. This paves the way for excellence in the field of teaching and research. In order to be evergreen in this, one should be aware of the latest innovations, results, and effects along with continuous study.

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CAT Exam

The test for admission to higher education in management courses is CAT! In terms of career, knowledge, and skills, the Engineering + MBA combination stands out as the best in the corporate world. Engineers who have studied management in Post Graduation are rapidly reaching higher positions in corporate companies. The salaries of those with engineering+MBA qualifications are also higher as compared to those with only an engineering background. With this, a large number of B. Tech students are choosing CAT as their target.

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ACE Scholarship Test 2023

Job Opportunities

The job opportunities after CAT and GATE are different. Graduates with a management degree can work in diverse fields like Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, and Consulting, among others. In contrast, graduates with a Master's degree in Engineering can work in fields like Research and Development, Design, Product Development, and Technology Consulting.

Interest and Skills

Another important factor to consider when choosing between CAT and GATE is your interest and Skills. If you have good knowledge in aptitude with good logical reasoning and verbal ability, then you may be better suited for CAT. On the other hand, if you enjoy problem-solving and have a passion for engineering and technology, then GATE may be the right choice for you.

Exam Patterns

GATE Exam Pattern

Question Type

No. Of. Questions



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

65 Questions

(Both 1 mark & 2 mark Questions)


3 hours

100 Marks

Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)

Numerical Answer Type (NAT)

CAT Exam Pattern


No. Of. Questions



Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)

66 Questions

120 Minutes (40 Minutes per Section)

198 Marks

(3 Marks for 1 Question)

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)

Quantitative Ability (QA)

GATE Exam basically tests the candidate's knowledge of engineering subjects. Although there is a general aptitude section in the GATE too, engineering subjects are important in terms of weightage. CAT tests candidates' critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, problem-analysis skills, reasoning, and other skills. CAT will be easy for candidates who are good at English and Aptitude. Considering the overall paper format, difficulty, and competition, it can be said that getting success in CAT is somewhat difficult as compared to GATE. Those who have shown talent in software applications, programming knowledge, internships, and project work can apply towards the GATE to get M.Tech admissions in national-level institutes. Those who are forward in cultural activities, social activities, leadership qualities, and communication skills can choose CAT. IIMs and other business schools give special weightage to those skills during admissions. Work experience is also considered along with CAT score in the selection process of IIMs. So attending CAT with at least one to two years of work experience is advantageous.

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Cost of the Course

The cost of pursuing CAT and GATE varies significantly. CAT is a management program, and the fees for top-ranked IIMs can be quite high, ranging from INR 15-25 lakhs for a two-year program. In contrast, the cost of pursuing a Master's degree in engineering through GATE is significantly lower, and scholarships and financial aid are also available to eligible students.

Advantages of GATE

  • Skills can be developed in the self-domain.
  • Can get high positions in research and technical fields. Through the GATE score, you can get Jobs in PSUs like ONGC, NTPC, HPCL, BELL, DRDO, etc.
  • There is an opportunity to do Ph. D with a monthly stipend. You will get a chance to study in IISC, IIT, and NITL.
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Advantages of CAT

  • There will be a chance to settle quickly in the career.
  • Business management skills can be improved towards self-employment.
  • Opportunities are available in all fields. The chances of studying in IIMs and other top business schools.

Ultimately, the choice between CAT and GATE depends on your interests and career goals. It's important to assess your strengths, skills, and aspirations before deciding on the exam to appear for. Whatever path you choose, ensure that you work hard, stay committed, and pursue your dreams with determination and passion. Good luck!

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