Competitive Exam Pressure: Steps to Overcome

Competitive Exam Pressure: Steps to Overcome

Competitive exams can be daunting and overwhelming, creating immense pressure for individuals aspiring to succeed. The intensity of the competition, the vast syllabus, and the high stakes involved can easily lead to stress and anxiety.

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Competitive exams require continuous hard work diligently to achieve top marks. As several competitive exams are lined up, students experience severe mental stress as they strive to recall the topics they've studied and perform well in the exam hall. Negative thoughts like "Will I remember everything?" and "Can I write perfectly?" only add anxiety. However, experts suggest that students can overcome this stress and succeed in their exams with a few helpful tips. This is especially relevant in the Telugu states, where intermediate and class 10 exams are followed by entrance exams in the near future.

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Objectives before Students

  • Academic exams are crucial for achieving higher education and job opportunities in the future, as only the highest marks and grades will suffice.
  • Similarly, securing the best rank in entrance tests is necessary for admission to desired courses and institutes.
  • These thoughts dominate the world of students today, leading them to constantly study and experience stress. However, this often results in frustration and the inability to showcase their acquired knowledge and skills during exams.
  • Experts refer this to as exam phobia and suggest that overcoming this fear can lead to passing exams without stress or anxiety.
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Confidence is the Key

When students are afraid of exams and experience stress, the key tool to overcome this is self-confidence. Experts recommend building confidence in one's own abilities, as dwelling too much on competition and comparing oneself to peers can add to the stress. Psychologists suggest that competition and comparison are the primary causes of stress in students. Therefore, it is advised that students stop overthinking about exams and focus on developing their self-confidence instead. By doing so, they can alleviate their exam-related stress and perform better in their exams.

Thinking about the Outcomes

Worrying about exam results is a major cause of stress for students, according to psychologists. However, they suggest that this approach is ineffective. Instead of thinking about the outcome, it is recommended to focus on understanding the subject matter while preparing for the exams. Regularly completing the syllabus topics and making steady progress is essential. Concentrating on the result and worrying about getting top marks may lead to forgetting what has been studied, ultimately negatively impacting the outcome. Therefore, it is not advisable for students to think about the exam results or future consequences while preparing for the exams.

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Reading Priority Wise

Another way to beat exam stress is to complete the syllabus in order of priority. The students should first read the topics in order of priority i.e. the most important, important, etc. from the exam point of view. One should make a list based on this. Prepare a daily or weekly plan with this list. If possible, note them on a wall calendar where they can see them regularly. Many students do not follow the order of priority. For example out of four or five topics to be read in a day first focus on two important topics and develop a complete understanding. After that try to finish the other topics quickly.

Easy Topics First

Students should categorize the topics they have to study into three categories: Easy, Moderate, and Difficult. Start the preparation with easy topics first. As a result, there is an advance preparation to face the other two sections (Moderate, Difficult). Apart from this.. even if you don't like the idea that they are important from the exam point of view if you start the preparation with difficult topics, the pressure will increase.

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Study in Peaceful Environment

The environment plays a crucial role in the exam preparation process, and students should ensure that their study room has a conducive atmosphere. It is advisable to maintain a calm and quiet environment by avoiding the presence of a TV or computer in the room. Additionally, one should take care not to be disturbed by any external noise. Furthermore, sitting in an area with natural air and light not only enhances one's mental and physical well-being but also promotes a peaceful and focused mindset for exam preparation.

Follow Relaxation Techniques

To reduce the stress and anxiety related to exams, students are encouraged to practice relaxation techniques. When encountering difficult topics or struggling to recall what has been studied, experts recommend taking a break from studying and engaging in stress-relieving activities. This can include listening to music, doing yoga or meditation, gardening, or watching entertaining TV shows. It's essential to avoid shows with tense discussions or debates, as they may add to the stress. Additionally, students should prepare a positive attitude and ensure that there is no negativity around them, avoiding negative people and finding inspiration from their past successes.

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If feeling Pressurized

To increase confidence in their abilities and perform better in upcoming exams, students should remember their past achievements. Remembering past successes can provide a mental boost, boosting confidence in their subject knowledge and allowing them to prepare with focus and concentration without unnecessary worry.

Get ready for the Exam day

The outcome of the crucial exam day can significantly impact one's future, and it's essential to recognize this fact. However, many people experience unnecessary anxiety on the day of the exam, leading to fatigue and decreased performance. To mitigate this, it's recommended to arrive at the exam hall as early as possible, allowing time to adjust to the environment. Students should also ensure they have all necessary documents, such as the hall ticket, well in advance to avoid last-minute anxiety. By taking these steps, students can minimize stress and perform to the best of their abilities.

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Yoga & Meditation

According to experts, yoga and meditation are highly effective techniques for relieving stress. Regular meditation, even for a short duration, can enhance an individual's ability to cope with stress. Therefore, students are advised to dedicate some time each day to practicing yoga and meditation. By incorporating these activities into their daily routine, students can improve their overall well-being and be better equipped to manage exam-related stress.

Key tips to beat stress

  • Start your daily routine with your favorite work.
  • Yoga, walking, and exercise should be done daily.
  • Make a list of topics to read in advance.
  • Boredom, anger, grief, and depression should be avoided.
  • Don't worry about other people's success.
  • Take advice with a positive attitude towards success.
  • Instead of waiting for deadlines and the last minute, a pre-planned approach should be followed.
  • At least six hours of sleep must be allocated every day

In conclusion, competitive exam pressure is a common issue that many students face while preparing for exams. It can lead to stress, anxiety, and fear, which may hinder their performance. However, by following the steps to overcome this pressure, such as developing self-confidence, focusing on understanding the subject, practicing relaxation techniques, and maintaining a positive attitude, students can effectively manage the pressure and achieve success in their exams. It is important to remember that exams are just a small part of life, and there are always opportunities for growth and improvement beyond them.

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