TSPSC& APPSC Groups: Tips and Strategy from Subject Experts

TSPSC& APPSC Groups: Tips and Strategy from Subject Experts

APPSC and TSPSC groups notification has been released. In this context, To ease the candidates' worries regarding syllabus and preparation, we are offering valuable insights on TSPSC Groups Preparation Tips and APPSC Groups Preparation Strategy.

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APPSC and TSPSC groups notification has been released.  It is already known that the Telangana Public Service Commission has released a notification for the recruitment of 10000+ Vacancies through Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, and Group 4 Jobs.  Candidates need to work very hard to succeed in the groups. Candidates are getting worried about the syllabus and preparation. In this context, To ease the candidates' worries regarding syllabus and preparation, we are offering valuable insights on TSPSC Groups Preparation Tips and APPSC Groups Preparation Strategy.

Statement-based Questions are More

Candidates should read each topic thoroughly. Moreover, statement-based preparation should be done for a complete understanding of the respective topics. Be it Objective, Descriptive exam style. Statement-based preparation will give a comprehensive understanding of the relevant topic. Statement-based questions are mostly appearing in competitive exams. They give three or four statements and ask which of them is correct. The main purpose of such questions is to know the requested comprehensive understanding of the respective topics! So students should develop a comprehensive understanding of a topic from definition to latest developments. For example, considering de-monetization which is currently the most debated topic. What is the definition of black money? What form does it take? The effect on the economic and social system due to it? Know about. To what extent will de-monetization solve the problem of black money? Is this actually possible? At present, the results of de-monetization and its aftermath should be understood.

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Candidates should develop decision-making ability and problem-solving skills to succeed in the exam. These skills are essential, especially in group-1 mains which are descriptive in nature. While writing an answer to a question one should know all the antecedents and current situation of the topic. Similarly, when a problem arises, preparation should be done to gain awareness of ways to solve it easily. Studying a topic four times at a time gives one mastery of the subject. It should be matured so that it can be applied in real situations. For this, logical thinking, common sense, reasoning, and leadership qualities should be developed. Aspirants aiming for all the exams should prepare with high-level thinking. Only then the preparation for the lower-level exams will also be simple. Thus subject-wise, exam-wise priority order, problem-solving, leadership qualities, and decision-making ability can be tackled successfully at the same time.

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TSPSC Groups Economy Preparation Tips

Knowledge of facts and basic concepts should be increased in terms of economy. read while analyzing. Do not spend time solely on statistics and assume that questions will come from them. Even in the objective examination, there are questions that need to be answered analytically on the basis of facts. One should study from the basic concepts to the latest developments in the economy. National income, Planning, Population, Banking, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Poverty-Alleviation, and Ethics Commissions should be given top priority. Special emphasis should be placed on inclusive growth and innovative economic policies. It should be read from the point of view of problems-causes-effects-consequences-remedies.

Awareness should be raised on the respective plans-goals-successes-failures-reasons. Recent financial developments like NITI Aayog and vision documents should also be taken into consideration. While reading the schemes and objectives, not limited to the statistics related to the budget allocated to them and the target groups, the level of activity they are at should be read analytically. Economics also has almost the same syllabus for all the exams. If you change it positively and read it with a descriptive approach, you will get prepared for the objective tests as well.

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Depending upon the post, The schemes implemented at the regional level, agriculture, employment, etc. should be studied carefully. Areas such as rural and cottage industries should be focused on areas where a particular product is concentrated. The reasons why those products are available in that region should be analyzed. The recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission should be studied thoroughly to understand the economy after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. The recommendations and reports given by the respective committees should be read. Let go of the concern that the economy is all about statistics and long-winded things. One should move forward with the perspective of applying them to actual situations.

TSPSC Groups Geography Preparation Tips

Although Geography is not specifically a unit or a paper. Group-1, 2, and 3 all have geography-related topics both in APPSC and TSPSC. In group-1 paper-3, the fifth unit of section-1 and the second unit of section-3 are covered in geography. Syllabus topics mentioned in relation to the respective units are currently geographically and ecologically important. To gain mastery in geography one should get a perfect understanding of the atlas. It provides basic expertise in terms of International, National, and Regional Geography. After that, you have to go through the syllabus and make a priority list. Geography preparation should be based on these topics.

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The major focus should be on disaster management. Know about disaster management policy, activities of the National Disaster Management Authority, and recent natural disasters that have had a major impact nationally and internationally. Another aspect that candidates should focus on in geography is natural resources, the areas where they are deposited, and the reasons for that. Similarly, some crops are grown in abundance in certain regions (eg: Maize in Andhra Pradesh). In relation to Andhra Pradesh, the coastal area, the natural resources in that area, the measures taken for the extraction of natural resources, and the current situation should be increased.

Especially the aspirants for Panchayat Secretary posts must study the main crops, regions, populations, and ratios in Andhra Pradesh. Environment, environmental pollution, carbon emissions, and preventive measures should also be insisted upon. National-level measures, action plans, and their objectives (eg National Environment Policy - Objectives, the role of central and state governments in action) should be studied. Internationally, the agreements between many countries regarding environmental protection and the agreements held at the United Nations should be understood. Geography and ecology should proceed in a descriptive manner rather than a question-answer approach.

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TSPSC Groups History Preparation Tips

Candidates should first leave the limited view of history as kings-wars-periods. In contrast to this, the administration of the royal dynasties, their results, the way of life of the people at that time, discipline, and structures should be taken forward with a broad perspective. However, in Group-1 and Group-2, there are two separate papers in addition to General Studies. So objective + subjective preparation should be done. Vijayanagara Empire, Satavahanas, Eastern (Vengi) Chalukyas, Reddy kings, and Ikshwaka royal dynasties, services provided and activities are undertaken in terms of arts, culture, and buildings during the period of those kings should be given special attention. For example during the period of Srikrishna Devaraya, a lot of efforts were made for the development of Telugu literature. The poets known as Ashtadiggas used to stay in the court of Sri Krishna Devaraya. Similarly, there was Nannaya in the court of Eastern Chalukya king Rajaraja Narendra. He made Sanskritized India.

Regarding the history of modern India, the role of the leaders of Andhra Pradesh mainly during the freedom struggle should be read with special attention. We should know about the role of newspapers and mass organizations, their influence, and those who led them during the freedom struggle. Moreover, the involvement of Europeans in the Andhra region is a topic that needs to be studied more deeply. The Europeans should also increase their awareness of the trades done in the Andhra region, the developed ports, who did the most trade during the reign of which kings. Group-1, 2, and 3 while studying any topic should make notes of important points from time to time. It should be read from a detailed perspective while analyzing those points from the Group-1 perspective.

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APPSC Groups Current Affairs Preparation Tips

A field where science and technology together play a vital role. So, from basic science topics to the latest developments, One should prepare to master everything. In basic science, one should study mainly principles, concepts, and definitions. Biological Senses should focus on diseases, causes, viruses, and bacteria. For example the Zika virus. The source of this? Symptoms in those patients? Remedies? Medicines being developed in this direction? Knowing about the experiments done/being done in relation to them is like a deep understanding.

The recently launched satellites, their purpose, and their target should be known. In addition, a thorough understanding of their characteristics (respective satellites, their payloads, the speed at which they traveled to enter orbit, etc.) should also be obtained. Especially recently, ISRO has successfully completed several satellite launches. These should be considered. Science and technology and information technology are playing a vital role in social and economic development. So you need to understand the relevant aspects. For example, considering the Aadhaar linking process which has become a topic of discussion across the country, it can be said to be a key aspect of communication technology.

The priorities of the respective areas in terms of missile testing and biodiversity should be known. An understanding of the mission of missiles and their importance in terms of national security is essential. Apart from this, the policies of the defense sector and the funds allocated for the defense sector should be understood. The reasons for setting up national sanctuaries - areas - in biodiversity should be read from a multi-dimension perspective. Biodiversity parks need to know the reasons for designating an area as a wildlife sanctuary. Instead of being limited to statistics, we should move forward to give priority to analysis and expression of opinion.

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TSPSC and APPSC Groups exams are highly competitive and require a strategic approach in order to succeed. By following the tips and strategies shared by subject experts, candidates can enhance their preparation and increase their chances of scoring well in the exams. It is important to focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge, practicing regularly, and managing time effectively. Additionally, staying updated with current affairs and being aware of the exam pattern and syllabus can also help in performing well. With dedicated effort and a well-planned strategy, aspirants can crack these exams and achieve their career goals.

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