GATE 2023 Exam: Things to Remember

GATE 2023 Exam: Things to Remember

This is the Time to Sharpen your Exam Preparation Road to get a chance at Higher Education and to get into PSUs.

Tejanand Rompicherla

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, GATE in short is a national-level entrance exam conducted in collaboration with IITs, NITs, and IISCs. To clear the GATE exam the Candidates have to work hard to succeed and get a rank. The GATE exam will be held across the country from February 4th to 12th in eight sessions for four days. This is the time to sharpen up the preparation so far! With Exam Dates near here are the things you need to remember.  

This is the Time to Sharpen your Exam Preparation Road to get a chance for Higher Education and to get into top PSUs in the country. There has been a lot of speculation over the last few days regarding the GATE-2023 exam dates. It is clear from looking at the website of the management institute, IIT-Kanpur. GATE 2023 Hall ticket download facility has also been released on the website. With this, the examination will be held as per the fixed schedule. Experts suggest that the candidates should sharpen their skills in these 15 days.

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Competition in Lakhs

That is why the competition for the gate is increasing every year. More than eight lakh candidates appear for GATE every year. This year also the same number of candidates are likely to write the GATE exam. So it can be assumed that the competition will be High.

Revision is the Key

Candidates should give full priority to the revision in the present available time. Revision should be done thoroughly for all the topics which you have studied in preparation., Go through the important points related to them, and own notes prepared with formulas. This makes it possible to read those topics again in a short time. All the units in the syllabus should be allocated specific times every day to revise. Students should make a time plan according to their convenience.

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Formulas and Concepts

Candidates should review the important formulas and concepts related to the respective subjects and topics. This is a very important tool, especially for Mechanical, CSE, and ECE Streams. Similarly, in the case of other subjects, this approach helps for better performance in the exam hall. If you have an application approach, you will be prepared to answer any question asked in the exam hall. So there is a chance to be ahead in achieving a good score.

Mock Tests as a part of Last-Minute Preparation

Candidates should appear for Mock Tests in this last-minute schedule. The results should be analyzed, and every mistake should be corrected immediately. If there are low marks in any one topic now it is not right to try to study them again. Instead, try to do better in the subjects you are good at. Candidates should also use the 'Mock Test' facility available on the GATE official website. It will increase the understanding of the exam pattern and questions. So candidates must take advantage of this at present time.

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Virtual Calculator

Candidates should develop a thorough understanding of the use of virtual calculators. The three-hour exam with 65 questions will also include step-by-step practice questions. 80 to 90 percent of the total questions will require the use of a calculator. Keeping this in mind, the skill of using the virtual calculator should be increased to get the ability to answer a question as quickly as possible.

Hall Ticket and Documents

Candidates should be aware of the exam rules and documents to be carried to the exam hall before.  As per GATE Managing Committee Rules – An original copy of the personal photo identity card mentioned at the time of application has to be shown in the examination hall. It is not correct to think that it can be taken a day or two before the exam. Technical errors at the last moment, increase in website traffic.. difficulties may be faced. So take a print of admit card as early as possible.

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On the day of the Exam

The exam will be conducted online. There is a facility to log in 20 minutes in advance for a particular slot in the respective portal. Candidates should avail of this facility. As a result, there will be time to thoroughly read the important rules and regulations related to the exam.

Before Answering

it is better to click on the 'View All Questions’ tab in the online window. This will allow you to read all the questions. By doing this it will be clear which question or section can be started first. First, select the easy questions or the sections you have good knowledge of and try to complete them quickly. After that, you can focus on difficult sections and questions.

In GATE 2023 Exam Engineering Mathematics, the General Aptitude sections are somewhat easy. Candidates should prefer to answer these first. Due to this, these sections can be completed in less time, and then more time can be given to subject-based sections. In the first hour and a half of the total three hours, it is better to answer the questions that are very easy for you. If any difficult question is there, leave it and go to another question.

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Remember Negative Marking

There is a rule of negative marking. So it is better to leave unknown questions. Candidates should also dedicate some time to reviewing the answers at the end. Once you are sure that you have answered all the questions, check the answers again. It is also good to do rough work to answer. This is essential, especially in the case of formula-based questions. Solve the question on the scribble pad provided in the exam hall. When you think the answer is correct, click the corresponding option button.

Feel Free before the Exam

Know details about the Exam center allotted to you one day before the exam. so as not to create stress on exam day. The day before the exam should be completely stress-free. Make yourself comfortable and stress fee before the exam day. The tendency to study till exam time increases stress. Stop studying until the last minute.

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Benefits of the GATE Exam

--> GATE rankers will be given priority in PGESET counseling at the state level.

--> If the M.Tech seat is finalized based on GATE Rank. The student will get Rs. 12,400 as a stipend.

--> Integrated M.Tech and Ph.D. candidates will get a scholarship of Rs.28, 000 per month.

--> Based on the GATE score, one can get qualifications as an engineer in public sector organizations like Navratna, Maharatna, and Miniratna.

--> Almost all the public sector organizations are filling these posts based on GATE scores for the last few years. For this, candidates have to apply separately as per the notifications released by the respective institutions.

--> Based on the applications received, the cutoff is determined. Personal interviews and group discussions are conducted for those who are on that list and the final selections are decided.

Overcome Anxiety & Stress to Win the Race
Exam time is naturally a stressful situation. Expectation to recall extensive information is compounded by intense competition, the pressure of expectations from family/friends, and the overwhelming importance of top grades. All these combine to increase the stress on students during exams.

Prepare well and set your mind free from stress because hard work alone gives you a cut to it. So, Keep your mind calm and prepare smartly.

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