How to Prepare General Essay for Various Competitive Exams?

How to Prepare General Essay for Various Competitive Exams?

General Essay is a very familiar topic to candidates preparing for competitive exams especially those appearing for Civils, Groups, and Bank Exams. General Essay paper is gaining importance in high-level competitive exams.

General Essay is a very familiar topic to candidates preparing for competitive exams especially those appearing for Civils, Groups, and Bank Exams. General Essay paper is gaining importance in high-level competitive exams. So excelling in General Essay papers has become crucial! At the same time, in the matter of writing a general essay, some candidates are facing difficulties in terms of the important points which are to be included in the essay! Even if there is knowledge of the subject, In the situation of the exam hall, candidates face problems in expressing it! In this background.. a special article on How to Prepare for General Essays to get the success in competitive exams.

A general essay tests how much an applicant's understanding and knowledge about a topic and how well they can explain it. Apart from this, the main purpose of the General Essay is to identify the skills for expressing opinions. Many candidates have trouble with this even if they have subject knowledge about the topic, they struggle with presentation skills and writing skills.

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Understanding the Essay Format

Considering the questions asked in the General Essay Paper in exams like Civils, Group-1 Mains, and the answers expected from the candidates, one has to write a long analytical essay on a specific topic. For example, considering a general essay paper in civils mains, candidates are asked to write two essays of 1000 to 1200 words each for 125 marks allotted for each essay. However, there is no word length rule in Group-1 Mains. it is stated that three essays should be written with each essay will carrying 50 marks. That is, it can be said that the questions are tested in all aspects of the candidate's understanding of the relevant topic. In order to give answers to these, candidates should write answers with analytical expressions instead of the question-answer method.

How to write General Essay?

In the context of writing a general essay, it is very useful for candidates to follow a prescribed pattern. The answer sequence should be divided into three parts. They are Introduction, Outline, and Conclusion.

  • Introduction: An introduction means at the beginning of an essay a paragraph of seven to eight sentences in length to explain the background of a topic. An introduction can be written by adding quotations and sayings of famous people that are relevant to the topic. But make sure it is in very simple language. In fact, the overall form, nature, and importance of the candidate's essay should be interesting to the examiner in the introduction itself.
  • Outline/Description: This should start as the second part of the article. Writing as a second paragraph touching all the points you want to say or discuss in the essay is attractive in terms of presentation. The points covered in this paragraph should be analyzed separately in each paragraph. In the case of an essay, analysis, and discussion, can be written in three paragraphs. It is also good to include statistics while writing the essay. These should be arranged in such a manner so as not to confuse the examiner.
  • Conclusion: The most important step in a general essay is the conclusion of the essay. The conclusion can be stated as a review of the content description or analysis covered in the previous paragraphs. This conclusion should be rational and logical. Make sure to keep a positive and optimistic attitude. Otherwise, it is inappropriate to conclude critically. If the point asked is a negative one, it is better to express opinions to show solutions to it.
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What to Avoid in a General Essay?

In the case of a General Essay, candidates should mainly avoid question-answer mode. The manner in which a subject is asked should be carefully examined and the intention understood in it. Accordingly. the points to be included in it should be written analytically.

Creativity and Relevancy

Candidates must possess three qualities to excel in General Essays. Creativity, Awareness, and knowledge of current-contemporary topics. The purpose of the General Essay is also similar. So, whatever subject the candidates are writing an essay on, it is better to present the essay in such a way as to achieve the relevant objective. As part of the answer presentation, one should acquire the skill of writing in such a way that their feelings are understood.

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Mastery of Language and Vocabulary

Candidates writing General essays should focus mainly on Language and Vocabulary. It is okay to write the essay in simple, conversational language. It should be noted that there is no need to show mastery of words and phrases. As much as possible, words should be used that convey the relevant matter clearly and directly. It is not correct to think that the examiner thinks that they have knowledge if they write words that everyone finds difficult. While writing answers do not write words that reflect personal feelings. Appreciative opinions can be expressed on positive aspects related to government actions and schemes. In the same way, critical answers should be dealt with skillfully. For example, suitable suggestions can be made for the effective implementation of any schemes and projects. Apart from that, the answers are completely critical of them. Writing the words is not correct.

How to Write an Impressive and Understandable Essay?

The presentation should also be very careful. The answer should be written keeping in mind the length of words prescribed and the time available for writing the essay. Make sure that the writing is pleasant on every page. If you write the answer with 16 to 18 lines per page. it will be easy for the examiner to read. A mistake many candidates make in essay writing is highlighting the answers in multiple ways. Side headings and underlining sentences in the answer should be stopped in essay writing. Colored sketches and colored pens should not be used. Generally speaking, an essay should be written in the form of simple paragraphs with three parts: Introduction, Body/Analysis, and Conclusion.

How to Prepare for General Essay?

Candidates should take very strategic steps in preparing for General Essay. First, you need to understand the syllabus. After considering the current situation in each department, we should create an understanding regarding what questions are likely to be asked. It should be estimated that the questions can be asked from the backgrounds of the respective topics. Key statistics should be collected regarding these identified points. An understanding of the contemporary background regarding the topic should be created. Relevant issues should be identified. Finding solutions to problems. With this type of study, one should master at least ten subjects from the respective departments.

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Practice and Practice

Practice is very important… Another thing that is good about General Essays is practice. It is also very beneficial to find out the average time available for an essay in the exam and accordingly practice writing a complete essay within the prescribed time frame during preparation. Due to this, even if the question comes in an unexpected way, the candidates will get used to the characteristic of responding effectively.

Things to consider while writing General Essay

  • Contemporary background on a topic
  • The problem is multifaceted Reasons – Government actions Current status Solutions Constructive instruction

Know about the Intention

Clarity In General Essay, candidates should know the intention behind the question. In the case of subject knowledge, the answer can be written with a combination of core and contemporary topics according to the question asked. The format of an essay (introduction, description, conclusion) should be strictly followed while answering. Be balanced while expressing opinions. It is not appropriate to express a completely positive or completely negative opinion. Candidates should present their opinion in a reasonable manner.

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