How to Write Objective Papers on the Current Affairs Subject?

How to Write Objective Papers on the Current Affairs Subject?

Current Affairs relates to anything from political events to sports, history, arts, and even economy. Be up-to-date with the latest and recent developments. Co-relate with the happenings of past events while preparing for Competitive Exams.

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How to write on Controversial Topics?

Answers to questions on controversial topics should be carefully written. Generally, the question of whether to write against the government on a topic naturally comes in descriptive in group 1. It is about thinking. There are doubts about what to write on different topics. Then write on them like this...

The perspectives on the topics are both good and bad. This is good according to the government's thinking and bad according to the critics. While writing the exam, it should be seen beyond theories and aspirations. Different arguments should be written. By writing them, the candidate can come to a reasonable opinion. But it should be a rational, analytical, intellectual opinion and don't be opinionated. Do not unilaterally write on beneficial and cause exploitation. At the same time, reforms should not be the only refuge. Exams like Group 1 only look at whether the candidates have the ability to observe society closely or not. Apart from that, they do not expect to be followers or opponents of the government. Because both of these are not correct. Different arguments should be written. A rational opinion can be reached. If not, it is not appropriate to write an anti-government opinion while working for the government.

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If we take 'Make in India',  it is wrong to write no use with this program. If there are difficulties in implementation then there is no objection to writing them. Or you can write that the critics have an opinion. Apart from that, don't write your own opinion. When you have to write dissenting opinions and criticisms, you should write the opinion of the critics. This should be done strategically.

The answers should be written as an opinion with intellectual analysis.

Analysis of factors in Two Ways:

  • There are some common answers.
  • There are certain aspects.

When a question is asked on a topic, take a point and write an analysis supporting it. For example, if India's financial situation is in a crisis, first we need to define what is a financial crisis. Analyze what is important to the economy. Measures of Economy 1. Growth Rate, 2. Exports, Imports, 3. Foreign Exchange Reserves, 4. Inflation, 5. Currency Deficit, 6. Current Account Deficit 7. Debt Burden. Such items should be taken. The facts in each case should be analyzed. Add all of them together and write the total form as the answer. But one should not grasp a point and come to a formulation based on it. The formulation should always be comprehensive and based on standard information. Don't overanalyze all angles. Also, don't be too narrow-minded.

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Specific Questions:

If a specific question is asked, the answer should be specific. If a question is asked on inflation, the answer should be written on it. Apart from that, don't write everything together as a general answer. That is why the question asked should be understood first. You have to understand what is asked and how to write it. At the same time, if a question is asked on a general topic, no marks will be awarded even if a specific answer is given on some topic. All known information for a specific question is written.

Contemporary Aspects of Equivalence:

International, National, and Regional are almost all Equal base topics. Now only Telangana is regional. In the past, all the joint APs were regional. So now they ask about AP. But they can go into Nationalities, Government programs, economic conditions, and geographical and cultural developments related to Telangana year-wise. Appointments. Government policies. Questions can be asked in current affairs on things like schemes. Although not all are precisely equal, the overall balance is maintained. The same with subjects like Political, geographical, economic, scientific technologies, places, and events are asked almost equally.

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Know the Facts

While writing answers in any exam, facts should be considered carefully. There are three types.

  1. Absolute
  2. Analytical
  3. Linked Facts

For example, inflation is an absolute fact. Many other related points are linked to facts. Analytical facts discuss the relationship between various factors. If Krishna Godavari connection is taken, river connectivity is a fact. Other related topics are linked to points—other proposals related to the linking of rivers, etc. Disagreements, experiences, and developments on the connection are analytical facts.
We hope these tips will help you score high in the Current Affairs.

Prepare well and set your mind free from stress because hard work alone gives you a cut to it. So, Keep your mind calm and prepare smartly.

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