Remembering Techniques that help you crack the Exams

Remembering Techniques that help you crack the Exams

With this one can learn a great thing about brain power. But, the question herein your mind is Why do we forget that? The simple answer is reading style. If you change your reading habit, it will be much easier to remember what you read.

Tejanand Rompicherla

Our brain is like a memory chip, its capacity to store data is unlimited. Yet, when we read something, why don't we remember it? This problem is not only for students but also applies to people of all ages. How many people memorize dozens of quotes and inspirational stories? any people wander down memory lane when they get the chance to say something nice.

When you are preparing for a Competitive Exam, and can’t remember what you read, If this happens to you too here is the solution. To keep the mind sharp, active, reading books, and newspapers are very important. But is your mind comprehending what you are reading? You are reading now, but nothing is actually being recorded in your brain's memory. This happens to many people. Especially in, 21st Century it became very normal.  Few people can remember what they read for a long time. But it is difficult for some people. They did not remember the name of the book or any part of it. In such a situation, if you think that this problem is only yours, it is not at all.

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According to scientists, the human brain's memory ranges from 1 terabyte to 2.5 petabytes. 1 terabyte is equal to approximately 1024 gigabytes .. 1 petabyte is equal to 1024 terabytes. Some scientists even say that the capacity of our brain to store data is unlimited. With this one can learn a great thing about brain power. But, the question herein your mind is Why do we forget that? The simple answer is reading style. If you change your reading habit, it will be much easier to remember what you read.

Where are you going wrong?

Preparing for Exams Reading a Book, but the focus is not only on the book but on many other things. Keeping a Choice in mind .. don't read the books Aim to read beyond your capacity. Don't try to figure out the meaning of the words, but just ignore them and read on. There are two ways to read.

Active-Passive Reading

It means reading with Energy & peacefully. Study a subject carefully. But when you don't understand a word or a line, try to understand it by reading it again. In this way, the ability to remember increases through repetition.

For example, when you memorize text, it is active reading. In a way, revision is a part of active reading. It is called passive study when reading a book or topic with just one glance. That means not reading carefully and skipping words or lines you don't understand. Just knowing the subject in the book is enough. This is the reason for not being able to remember what is read.

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Change the way you read

Keep a pen along with the book.

While reading a book, keep a pencil in one hand. When reading a line or word you are in doubt or don't understand, draw a line under it with a pencil .. understand its meaning. If there is a word, write it on the copy with a pen and write down its meaning. By writing, you can better remember the meaning of the word. If you are reading a history, science, or general knowledge book to increase knowledge, be sure to write down important information in the book. Also, remember to write in small points instead of long lines or paragraphs. If you make pictures together, you will remember better because according to research, it is easier to remember from an image.

Set Limits

A limit should be set for reading but not the books, careful reading. If you decide to read an entire subject within a week, you can only read, learn or memorize it. Instead of reading five or seven chapters or topics every day, read carefully. No rush to read. So read and understand every line, and word carefully. Then it becomes easy to remember.

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Tell others what you read

The famous American physicist Richard Feynman also believed that the most effective way to remember something is through 'discussion'. Read and discuss a passage from the subject you are reading. Tell others about it. Discuss what you understand or learn with friends or family. If you get stuck or forget a part or point, reread it and discuss it again.

Read Carefully

Whatever you are doing at this moment, focus on it. Do the same exercise while reading a subject or topic. Usually, we have a habit of doing many things at once. We do the same thing when we prepare for competitive exams. It distracts you more and lets you don't remember what you read. According to research, if you focus 100% on a task, the memory power increases. it becomes easier to remember.

If wanted to finish the Chapter, start reading it when all the work is done without getting up in between.

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Just focus on the Subject/Chapter/Topic

Mobile is the biggest cause of distraction. This is the reason why when you read a book, you cannot read it carefully. When a mobile ring or a notification comes, all the attention goes to it. Hence, you distract from reading and there’s a chance of losing interest. While studying, put down the mobile, laptop or any other distractions put them away, or keep them quiet.

Focus on Interest

If you don't take your interest into account while choosing any Topic,, you won't feel like reading or you won't remember anything. Even when choosing a book on someone's advice, keep your own interest in mind.

Only underline the parts of the topic that you find interesting so that it is easy to remember even when you look back. If you are reading a book and it doesn't seem interesting, leave it there Leave it. Better to spend time on another book than to spend time on it.

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Prepare well and set your mind free from stress because hard work alone gives you a cut to it. So, Keep your mind calm and prepare smartly.

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