TSPSC AE Exam 2022 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

TSPSC AE Exam 2022 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Telangana State Public Service Commission has released the Notification to hire 833 Municipal Assistant Engineer, Assistant Engineer posts.

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  1. Thermal Engineering

Thermodynamics: Thermodynamic systems and properties – Zeroth law of thermodynamics - First law of thermodynamics – Second law of thermodynamics – Steady flow energy equation - Laws of perfect gases – Characteristics gas equation – Universal gas equation. Thermodynamic processes – Entropy – Air stand cycles – Carnot cycle – Otto cycle – Diesel cycle. Properties of steam - Sensible heat - Latent heat – Degree of superheat - Dryness fraction - Simple calculations on the enthalpy of steam without using steam tables and Mollier chart. Refrigeration and Air conditioning – Fundamentals of refrigeration - Definition and meaning of refrigeration – Unit of refrigeration – COP – Carnot Refrigeration cycle and Bell column refrigeration cycle. Fuels – Types of fuels – Calorific values – Bomb calorimeter and Junker gas calorimeter.

2. Heat Engines: Internal Combustion Engines – Components of IC engines - Working principle – Valve and Port timing diagrams - Working of simple carburetor - Cooling system - Ignition system - Governing and Supercharging of IC engines. Air compressors – Type of compressors – Single stage compressor – Multi stage Compressor - Rotary compressors. Gas turbines – Classification – Working of Constant Pressure (Open, closed and Semi-closed) gas turbines - Applications and limitations of gas turbines. Steam Boilers – Classification – Working and differences between fire tube and water tube boilers - Mountings and Accessories – Performance of Boiler. Steam nozzles &Turbines – Flow through steam nozzles – Velocity and discharge through steam nozzles – Critical pressure ratio - Classification of turbines - Working principle of impulse and reaction turbines - Expression for Axial thrust, Tangential thrust, Work done and efficiencies – Methods of compounding – Governing of turbines.

3. Automobile Engineering: Identity of the various components of an Automobile - Functions of basic structure, power plant, transmission system, auxiliaries, Control of the Automobile - Concept of total resistance.

Manufacturing Technology

4. Methods of manufacturing processes: Foundry - Mechanical working of metals - Powder metallurgy - Welding, soldering, and brazing - Lathe and Lathe work - Drilling machines – Shaper, Slotter and Planer – Broaching Machines - Milling and Grinding machines - Modern machining processes - USM, AJM, EDM, and LBM Processes - Plastics and Plastic processing - Press tools - Jigs and Fixtures.

5. Metrology: Linear and Angular measurements – Comparators - Measurement of surface roughness - Collimators - Interferometer

Everything about TSPSC AE Recruitment 2022
Telangana State Public Service Commission has released the Notification to hire 833 Municipal Assistant Engineer, Assistant Engineer posts.

6. Engineering Mechanics & Strength of Materials:

Statics: Scalar and Vector quantities - Force - System of forces – Composition and resolution of forces - Resultant of forces – Parallelogram law of forces – Moment of a force – Law of moments – Varignon’s principle – Parallel forces and their resultant - Couples and moment of a couple - Equilibrium and equilibrant – Conditions for equilibrium - Triangle and Polygon law of forces - Lami’s theorem. Friction - Simple machines - Centre of gravity - Moment of Inertia.

Dynamics: Linear Motion – Motion under gravity - Newton's laws of motions –Impulse - Law of Conservation of momentum and Recoil of gun – Work, Power, and Energy – Circular motion – Centripetal force – Motion of a vehicle on level circular track – Super elevation - Simple Harmonic motion – Applications of SHM.

7. Strength of Materials: Simple stresses and strains – Stress and strain diagram - Hooke's law – Elastic constants - Poisson's ratio - Relationship between elastic constants - Temperature stresses - Strain energy - Shear force and bending moment diagrams – Type of beams - Types of loads -SF and BM diagrams with Point load and uniformly distributed loads for Cantilever and Simply supported beam - Theory of simple bending – Bending equation - Bending stress - Modulus of section – Deflection and slope of Cantilever and simply supported beam with Point load and uniformly distributed load - Torsion of shafts - Springs - Thin cylindrical shells.

TSPSC AEE Electrical And Electronics Engineering Syllabus
Telangana State Public Service Commission, TSPSC has released a notification to hire 1540 posts to hire Assistant Executive Engineer Posts in various departments of Telangana State. To crack a Government Job as TSPSC AEE then the idea of a complete syllabus is a must.

8. Machine Design:

Design factors - Factor of safety - Limits, tolerances, and fits – Conventional symbols of Materials and machine components - Welding symbols - Surface roughness values and symbols - Specifications of materials and standard components - Bolts, Nuts, and screws - Shafts, keys, and couplings - Belt, chain and Gear drives – Cams - Fly wheel – Governors.

9. Engineering Materials:

Mechanical properties of engineering materials - Testing and structure of materials - Production of iron and steel – Iron/carbon equilibrium diagram - Heat treatment of steels - Ferrous and nonferrous metals and their alloys.

10. Hydraulics and Hydraulics Machinery:

Hydraulics: Properties of fluids - Fluid pressure and its measurement - Types of fluid flow – Reynolds’s Number – Equation of Continuity - Energy of fluids - Bernoulli’s theorem – Venturimeter - Pitot tube – Hydraulic Coefficients. Flow through pipes: Concept of loss of head in pipes due to friction - Darcy’s and Chezy’s formulae - Hydraulic gradient line and total energy line - Power transmission through a pipe – Syphon – Transmission efficiency - Condition for max. power transmission through a pipe.

Hydraulics Machines: Impact of jets - Water turbines: Classification of turbines - Pelton wheel - Francis turbine - Kaplan turbine – Expressions for Work, Power, and Efficiencies of Pelton wheel, Francis Turbine and Kaplan Turbine - Differences between turbines - Governing of turbines. - Hydroelectric power plant and its Layout. Pumps: Classification of pumps - Construction and working of Reciprocating single-acting/double-acting pumps – Expressions for discharge, slip, Work, and Power – Air vessel. Centrifugal pumps: Construction and working of Centrifugal pumps - Expression for Work, Power, Manometric head and Efficiencies – Differences between Pumps – Priming - Foot Valve and strainer – Cavitation.

TSPSC AE Civil Engineering Exam Syllabus 2022
Telangana State Public Service Commission has released the Notification to hire 833 Assistant Engineer posts.

11. Industrial Engineering and Management:

Management: Principles and functions of management - Organization structure and organizational behavior – Production Management - Material management - Marketing and sales. Industrial Engineering: Work study - Wages and incentives - Fundamentals of estimation – Depreciation - Elements of Costing.

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