Industry Skills to Learn to Get a Job Immediately after B.Tech

Industry Skills to Learn to Get a Job Immediately after B.Tech

After completing B. Tech to get the desired job, one has to learn many things besides marks. Especially the knowledge of the latest technology should be important.

Tejanand Rompicherla

It is almost the end of the final year of B.Tech. After these four years, it is adequate to get a degree certificate with good marks. Actually, after completing the course, to get the desired job, one has to learn many things besides marks. Especially the knowledge of the latest technology should be important. Related Industry 4.0 skills should be acquired. Because currently in the job market companies are coming forward to give offers to candidates who have these skills! In this regard, B. Tech final year students take a look at this Analysis of how to plan their life after B.Tech and the Skills to be learned for the Job Market ready.

Academically good marks in B. Tech do not make a dream job come true. So, the students enrolled in engineering should master new technologies according to their branch. Expert advice is to work hard for this from the final year of B.Tech.

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Branch doesn’t Matter

Students of any branch in B. Tech should always know the industry developments that are relevant to their department. Digital skills should be improved. Starting from core branches to CSE and IT students who pave the way for software benchmarks, experts suggest that everyone should work towards that.

Digital Era

Nowadays digital technology rules. Organizations in all sectors are operating based on modern technologies. Priority is given to the people with those skills. So, B. Tech final-year students should work hard from now to master their latest skills and technologies. If you try to learn after entering the job market, you will not succeed and it will take a lot of time to get a Job. Because, at that time there is Job pressure primary and Competition on one hand.. on the other hand, there are internships, project work, placements, etc.

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Industry 4.0 Skills

  1. Nowadays it has become mandatory for B.Tech students to learn Industry 4.0 skills. The reason is that companies are finalizing offers only to those who have these skills! Among the total students, the number of those who have Industry 4.0 skills is between 20 to 25%. Due to this many people are disappointed whether they have opportunities, but not skills. So B.Tech final-year students to get future opportunities should focus on learning these skills now.
  2. Called the Industry 4.0 skill, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Block Chain Technology, Robotics, 3D Design, Ethical Hacking, Cyber ​​Security, and VR/AR technologies. B.Tech students should prioritize learning these from day one. Only then will you get a chance to make a bright career according to the goal of joining engineering. Many students are unable to learn the latest skills due to the lack of infrastructure in colleges. Such students should try to learn on their own through online channels.
  3. At present robot based activities are going on in all organizations. It can be said that robotic skill is good for students of all branches. Many online ways have become available to study these on your own. Take advantage of them and move forward

CSE Branch

Skills are key in job tools these days. CSE students can concentrate on - Coding & Programming. They are academically preferred in the form of an engineering course. But due to a lack of practical approach, these skills are not available as expected. Especially students of CSE/IT branches should be prepared to learn coding and programming languages ​​with a practical approach. Focus on learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, R, Java, C, C, PHP, and SQL databases. Awareness can be increased through Mooks, online platforms, short-term courses, and YouTube videos. Organizations like Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM, and Jet King are offering certification courses in programming languages. Through these relevant skills can be acquired.

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ECE Branch

Students of circuit branches like ECE, and EEE should also work towards acquiring the latest digital skills from now. ECE students can stay ahead in the job market by completing short-term certification courses in VLSI and Nano Technology. Some more certification courses available to them are Fiber Optic Technology; Industrial Automation, Digital Signal Processing, and Robotics.

EEE Branch

EEE students should learn Electrical Distribution Systems, Power Systems Analysis, Circuit Analysis, and Advanced Training in Systems Engineering. Along with these skills like SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Distributed Control Systems should be acquired. These can now be learned in many ways.

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ME Branch

Mechanical branch students' main focus should be on robotic skills. Apart from this, the students of this branch will also learn CAD, and CAM; Knowledge of automation, 2-D, and 3-D design printing should also be developed.

Practical and Application Approach

Engineering students from the first year to the fourth year should study any subject with a practical orientation and application approach. For that, more time should be allotted for practicals related to the respective subjects in the laboratories. So that real-time skills are acquired.

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Students enrolled in B.Tech courses should do at least two or three internships to improve their real-time skills according to industry requirements. AICTE has also issued guidelines to this extent. So students should explore ways to get internship opportunities in the respective departments. For this, the cooperation of the Industry Interaction Cell on the campus and the seniors working in the respective organizations should be taken. By doing an internship, one gets an awareness of the latest situations. Practical skills can be improved. Based on the talent shown as an intern, there is an opportunity to get a full-time job in the respective organizations.

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Soft Skills

B.Tech students should also prioritize learning soft skills. Teamwork is becoming increasingly important in organizations these days. To complete the project, you have to talk to the colleagues in the team as well as the seniors of various departments. Soft skills are very useful in that order. Communication skills, problem-solving, behavioral skills, interpersonal skills, language skills, creative thinking, and decision-making are the main soft skills.

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Online Courses

Students can take advantage of online facilities to develop Industry 4.0 skills and soft skills. Through portals like Mooks, NPTEL, and Swayam, you get a chance to listen to the lectures of national and international-level professors. Like on the one hand academic knowledge and the other hand the latest technology needed by the industry. if we proceed at least from now, by the time B. Tech certificate comes in handy, students can own their dream careers.

Now students of any branch can excel in higher education and jobs only if they have the latest skills. So, Engineering students should work hard to gain knowledge about the technologies suitable for their branch from the first year if possible else from now. A practical approach should be given priority along with learning in academics.

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